Build a Safe, Sustainable,
and Resilient Business

With Magellan X, you can get actionable insights,
decision-useful data, and transformative tools
to achieve your EHS goals.

Enabling Safety
in the Workplace

Explore how SOL-X technology
can support your Safety Management
System in hazardous industries
to prioritise the safety of workers.

Industrial Grade
Inventory Management

Discover PROPELLER, an IIoT-powered Real-Time 
Location System (RTLS) inventory management 
solution that improves the  accuracy and 
visibility of maintenance assets.

The Path Towards
a Low Carbon Future

Explore our ecoMax solution for
effective environmental management
with carbon monitoring and reporting capabilities.

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A Global Leader in EHS Software Solutions

Magellan X develops and invests in Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) technologies for leading companies in the energy, industrial and maritime sectors. We are backed by MISC and BCG Digital Ventures.

We build and acquire promising companies with industry-defining EHS solutions, and enable growth through industry and customer access, advisory and strategic support to ensure a successful rollout of solutions for our customers.

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Better Environment

Our robust EHS software solution helps businesses to confidently manage and curb carbon emissions. Through dedicated training and steadfast support from our skilled engineers, we propel your journey towards a sustainable, low-carbon future.

Better Well-being

Protect your workers’ physical and mental health with our AI and analytics-driven solutions. Seamlessly navigate regulatory standards and operational risk management with precision, using our pioneering health-tracking technologies.

Better Safety

Identify workplace hazards and drastically reduce accidents with our EHS technology. Harness the potential of predictive analytics to gain insights, minimise safety risks and costs, and build a safer work environment.


EHS Integration – Our Solutions

ecoMax logo

ecoMax offers a suite of data-driven analytics and reporting solutions for enhancing GHG inventory accounting, improving operational efficiencies, and reducing fuel and emissions on any asset.

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What you'll be getting

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sol x logo, safety compliance software
Connected Worker Health & Safety

SOL-X is a connected worker platform that enhances workplace safety by improving regulatory compliance workflows and providing comprehensive incident management capabilities.

propeller logo

Inventory Optimisation

PROPELLER provides a mobile and Real-Time Location System (RTLS) inventory management solution powered by IIoT, software and change management.


Our Solutions Are Compatible
With Various Industries

petrochemical ehs management software


The highly volatile 
Petrochemical industry.

maritime environmental health and safety solution


Shipping, shipbuilding & transportation.

oil and gas complete health and safety ehs

Oil and Gas

The upstream, midstream 
and downstream Oil & Gas.

mining ehs management system


Underground mining, 
processing and block caving.


Success Stories

Hear from our users


2nd Officer

With SOL-X, you save a lot of time. When approving a Permit To Work, it avoids the need to run up and down, here and there, to look for the Master for review and sign off


Marine Superintendent

Crew can press the Crew Assist button if they have any difficulty....if somebody has any injury, or some sort of other difficulty, they can always ask for assistance. So that is how he helps himself.


3rd Officer

SOL-X really helps me in maintaining a very good watch of the safety of the crew working on deck. I can actually see them, their whereabouts on deck or where they are on the vessel.


Eagle San Antonio | 4th Engineer

With PROPELLER, the missing parts are now found in minutes versus days utilising the tablet’s radar function to find the RFID tags.


Eagle San Antonio | 4th Engineer

The onboarding of new engineers was seamless, and it took less than two days to get them up to speed and to complete their work orders independently I no longer have to “queue” (with other engineers) to enter ROB details into the fixed terminals and can focus more time on my work orders.


Eagle San Juan | 3rd Engineer

When completing Stock Reconciliation, it was so much easier to find the parts using PROPELLER.



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At Magellan X, we are committed to information security and client confidentiality. We set the highest standards to safeguard the privacy and security of data belonging to users of our products and customers who have engaged our company to provide products and services.



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