Industrial IoT (IIoT) Solutions: 5 Examples and Applications

Improve industrial processes with IIoT technology, industrial IoT

What is IIoT?

With the ever-growing number of smart devices, the Internet of Things (IoT) is more relevant than ever. Defined as a network of physical objects that contain embedded technology, IoT helps people and businesses communicate and collect real-time data so they can get actionable insights into the world around them.

Similar to the concept of IoT, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is the technology that connects machines, devices, sensors, and other equipment in industrial sectors with IT applications or cloud services. This allows businesses to collect and analyze data from IIoT-enabled products and services while they are being used in order to improve efficiency, uptime, and productivity levels over time. Find out how these technologies can improve industrial automation for smart factories in our modern age.

IoT vs IIoT: How Are They Different

IIoT devices have the potential to move your business forward

The Internet of Things (IoT) and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) are both exciting technologies that have the potential to transform industrial automation in many ways.

The main differences between IIoT and IoT include:

  • Scale: IoT is an ecosystem that connects machines and devices over a network. It can be an interconnected system of consumer wearables that are used to monitor a small number of devices. In comparison, IIoT is the process of using data from connected devices to improve the efficiency, quality, and cost of an industrial business. Therefore, it is usually designed to manage large amounts of information.
  • Focus: IIoT focuses on streamlining business operations, while the IoT focuses on creating new applications and services that improve consumer lives. Many IoT devices are designed to be used by consumers in their everyday lives, while most IIoT devices are designed to help businesses run more efficiently.
  • Systems: The IoT relies on cloud computing, while the IIoT does not need cloud computing because it uses local servers instead of remote servers. Additionally, IIoT platform is more secure than the IoT because it uses more established hardware and software platforms that have been tested thoroughly to prevent hackers from breaking into systems.

5 Examples & Applications of IIoT

Whatever is your industrial sector, your business can benefit from IIoT applications, industrial IoT solutions examples

While they may differ slightly in industrial application, most industries with challenging environments (such as shipping, oil and gas, energy, chemical industries etc.) will benefit from an IIoT platform. Here are five applications:

Application 1 – Manage Human Error

Human factors are the physical, psychological, and social characteristics that affect human intersection with equipment, systems, processes, other individuals, and work teams(s). Human error is when a person makes a mistake due to human factors, which can lead to issues in time, cost, and quality. We all make mistakes. It’s in our nature. But when you are talking about the workplace, human error can cause major issues.

With the introduction of IIoT applications, human factors are better managed. These applications allow for better coordination of staff, which significantly reduces errors made in the workplace.

Smart machines help us manage human error by automating some of the processes that could lead to human error.

For example, a logistics company may require an employee to manually input inventory data into Excel spreadsheets every day. That can lead to mistakes that are hard to track down later on. But now that you have implemented an IIoT application for your warehouse management system, the computer can automatically input data, and you can get alerts from the application if something goes wrong and fix it quickly.

Of course, the type of IIoT technology you employ in your workplace depends on your industry.

For instance, let’s assume your goal is to reduce human errors in the maritime industry and improve worker safety. Smart devices can be very handy in this case. For instance, a smartwatch can allow every crew member stationed in different areas to quickly alert the entire team of any work-related incidents that may occur while on the job.

This is especially so for ship workers. Take, for instance, the Pump Room on a ship. Using an IIoT device with remote access allows key personnel to monitor if a team member is in the Pump Room. Likewise, crew members in the pump room can alert others if something’s amiss. The SOL-X Atex certified SmartWatch is a mobile device that allows one to do that. This device also informs the crew about restricted work zones. Such timely reminders will improve your worker safety, as they receive notifications and gain awareness about these hazardous areas.

According to the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA), 66% of incidents and casualties are caused by “human factors”. Therefore, you should implement IIoT technology like the SOL-X SmartWatch so that you can employ remote monitoring of your crew, issue timely reminders, and minimize workplace casualties.

Application 2 – Manage Costs

Industrial companies are often thinking of how to lower operating costs. IIoT systems are one way to do so.

Employees are a company’s greatest asset, and keeping them safe is a priority for any business. But workplace accidents can be costly—in terms of money spent on repairs and equipment, as well as time spent on recovering from injuries, filing claims, and hiring new employees.

And that’s not even the worst part: if an accident is severe enough to cause permanent disability, it can have devastating effects on a company’s reputation.

If you’re in the construction, manufacturing, or maritime industries, you know that workplace accidents can cost your company money in lost time and productivity, as well as medical expenses and insurance fees.

In today’s world of interconnected machines and systems, it has never been easier to improve industrial protocols. IIoT allows companies to monitor their frontline operations and equipment from an off-site location, so they can identify potential problems before they happen and respond quickly when problems do occur. This means fewer injuries for your employees (and less time spent treating those injuries).

It also means fewer delays on projects because you don’t have to wait for someone to notice something is wrong before getting it fixed—you can fix it yourself!

Apart from the above features, wearable IIoT technology is now advanced enough to provide managers with updated information on workers’ wellness.

For instance, SOL-X’s Crew Protect is a holistic solution using smart devices that can track and monitor workers’ workload, heat stress levels, and heart rate monitoring. Workers can also tap on a ‘Crew Assist’ button to seek help quickly.

Particularly for workers on a ship who are exposed to high heat, the SmartWatch allows safety engineers to monitor workers’ heat exposure. Plus, reminders are automatically sent to prompt employees to rest when the heat gets to a dangerous level.

This data allows your company to effectively plan corporate wellness programs so that your workers feel valued and safe. When workers are not fatigued, they can also perform at their peak capacity. Overall, it can drastically improve a work site’s productivity and operational efficiency.

Application 3 – Gather Deeper Data Insights

deeper data insights, collect data, smart robotics, transmit data

We are entering a new era of data analytics, where the traditional silos of business data are being replaced by real-time and relevant insights.

Companies are now able to collate and tap meaningful and real-time data on worker performance—something that is made possible with IIoT technology. This can cover the entire worksite, giving us a much deeper understanding of the challenges their staff faces. It also allows them to react flexibly, carrying out predictive maintenance to reduce workplace danger.

With digitalized improvements led by industry leader SOL-X, AI models are constructed to collect data and provide enhanced insights. Such information helps companies identify key factors and leading indicators in achieving operational excellence. Through this data, companies can carry out pre-emptive measures and make continual improvements to work processes.

For instance, the SOL-X SmartWatch tracks work rest data, so safety engineers can evaluate their team’s workload and take the right steps to manage their fatigue levels.

Overall, with modern IIoT solutions such as SOL-X’s Control Of Work and Crew Protect system, you gain peace of mind. Especially so for companies in hazardous industries, you need the data to streamline operations and manage key safety compliance factors so as to achieve maximum operational excellence.

Application 4 – Near Real-time Remote Monitoring

For the shipping industry, incidents related to cargo loading occur for many reasons, as detailed by several case studies. Often, it is a lack of remote monitoring that leads to such accidents. It could be a worker entering an enclosed area that has been marked off limits. Or perhaps the wrong or outdated platform or ladders are used.

These incidents often occur because there isn’t timely information that keeps everyone working aligned. Imagine a world where you can see what’s happening on your vessel in real-time. You can see where your crew members are, and what they’re doing. You can make sure that everyone is working safely and responsibly.

Even at the blind spots for crane or forklift operators, you can monitor the work going on and quickly update workers on safety reminders. That’s the level of security IIoT technologies such as SOL-X’s Control Of Work can offer you.

Workplace incidents can happen due to many reasons. While human factors, as mentioned above, can be a contributory cause, other factors such as the layout of the work area or equipment failure can cause an issue.

For instance, poor ventilation or lighting in the area needs to be highlighted to the workers immediately so that nobody goes there while it is under maintenance.

Using the live dashboard in SOL-X, your superiors can obtain a wide-angle view of all ongoing operations in real time. They are able to see what each worker is doing and whether they are at the right place. With SOL-X, you can reduce safety risks and improve workflow management.

Application 5 – Increase Worker Productivity

IIoT technology is rapidly changing the way businesses operate by automating manual and repetitive tasks.

With industrial automation, you can reduce paperwork, which means less time spent on tedious tasks and more time spent working with your team to improve processes and increase performance.

For instance, SOL-X’s solutions allow for enhanced digital document management. There is no need to print, scan, and manually update documents with the all-in-one dashboard that archives all relevant data.

Besides, it’s an integrated turn-key system with wireless communication, so you don’t have to worry about not being able to communicate essential data while onboard a ship. An additional plus is that all this information is archived, and you can easily retrieve it for company audits.

In fact, getting permits signed is much easier with SOL-X. The system automatically routes a permit to work (a necessary permit in hazardous industries to formally authorize work done on-site) to the ship master for approval.

That reduces the time spent for the second officer to look for the ship master, freeing them to concentrate on other tasks. Ultimately, less paperwork also means more time for workers to focus on what matters on the job site.

Explore SOL-X IIoT Solutions

IIoT services with SOL-X solutions - improve industrial processes

In high-hazard environments such as the maritime industry, one fatal error can cause work to suspend. Don’t risk your employee’s safety and the company’s reputation. Instead, harness advanced IIoT technologies to improve risk management in your company.

With the expertise of our internal safety experts, SOL-X solutions are designed to meet the unique requirements of high-hazard environments. Our expert team can also configure and customize systems suited for your workplace environments when required. Contact us for a free demo to find out how to optimize your workplace safety and efficiency today.

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2.1 To communicate effectively with you and conduct our business ► to conduct our business, including to respond to your queries, to otherwise communicate with you, or to carry out our obligations arising from any agreements entered into between you and us;

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4.1 Updating Personal information

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4.2 Contacting Us

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4.3 Changes to our Privacy Policy

We may change the content of our Website and how we use your Personal Information from time to time. If we change this Privacy Policy, we will update the date it was last changed below.  If these changes are material, we will indicate this clearly on our Website.

European Appendix

The European Appendix to this Privacy Policy applies if you are based in the EEA or the UK during your interactions with us (other than solely for travel purposes) and Magellan X processes your Personal Information as a data controller.

It sets out the additional information that we are required to provide you under European data protection law (“EU DP Law”), including information about rights that you have in relation to your Personal Information that we handle.

Why we collect your data, and who we disclose it to

Under EU DP Law, we are required to inform you of the “lawful bases” on which we rely to process your Personal Information. Below we set out the purposes for which we collect and use Personal Information and the “lawful bases” that we use for each of the purposes mentioned in Section 2 of this Privacy Policy. You can find an explanation of each of the grounds relied on below:

EU Use Bases Table

Processing activity

Reference to Privacy Policy

Lawful bases

Purpose for which we collect and use personal information

To communicate effectively with you and conduct our business


–  contract performance

–  legitimate interests

(to enable us to perform our obligations and provide our services to you)

To assess your application for a role at Magellan X


–  contract performance

–  legal obligations

–  legitimate interests

(to enable us to fulfil our employment duties with respect to other employees and you (should you be employed by Magellan X))

To provide you with marketing materials about Magellan X’s products and services


–  consent

–  legitimate interest

(to keep you updated with news in relation to our products and services)

For research and development purposes


–  legitimate interests

(to allow us to improve our products and services)

To monitor certain activities


–  legal obligations

–  legal claims

–  legitimate interests

(to ensure that the quality and legality of our services)

To inform you of changes


–  legitimate interests

(to notify you about changes to our products and services)

To ensure website content is relevant


–  legitimate interests

(to allow us to provide you with the content and services on the websites)

To re-organise or make changes to our business


–  legitimate interests

(in order to allow us to change our business)

For compliance, including enforcing our rights, or as may be required by applicable laws and regulations or requested by any judicial process or governmental agency


–  legal obligations

–  legal claims

–  legitimate interests

(to defend, prosecute or make a claim against you, to cooperate with law enforcement and regulatory authorities)


Use Bases

These are the principal legal grounds that justify our use of your Personal Information:

Consent: where you have consented to our use of your Personal Information (you will have been presented with consent language in relation to any such use), You have the right to withdraw any consent you previously provided to us regarding the processing of your Personal Information, at any time and free of charge.  We will apply your preferences going forward and this will not affect the lawfulness of the processing before your consent withdrawal. You may withdraw your consent by contacting us as set out in Section 4.2 (Contacting Us) of this Privacy Policy.

Contract performance: where your Personal Information is necessary to enter into or perform our contract with you.

Legal obligation: where we need to use your Personal Information to comply with our legal obligations.

Legitimate interests: where we or a third party have a legitimate interest in using your Personal Information. We only rely on our or a third party’s legitimate interests to process your Personal Information when these interests are not overridden by your rights and interests.

Legal claims: where your information is necessary for us to defend, prosecute or make a claim against you, us or a third party.

Where applicable, we indicate whether and why you must provide us with your Personal Information, as well as the consequences of failing to do so. If you do not provide Personal Information when requested, you may not be able to benefit from our service if that information is necessary to provide you with it or if we are legally required to collect it.

Export outside the EEA

Your Personal Information may be accessed by staff or suppliers in, transferred to, and/or stored at, a destination outside the country in which you are located, including Singapore, whose data protection laws may be of a lower standard than those in your country. We will, in all circumstances, safeguard Personal Information as set out in this Privacy Policy.

Where we transfer Personal Information from inside the EEA to outside the EEA, we may be required to take specific additional measures to safeguard the relevant Personal Information. Certain countries outside the EEA have been approved by the European Commission as providing essentially equivalent protections to EEA data protection laws and therefore no additional safeguards are required to export Personal Information to these jurisdictions (please see the full list here: In countries which have not had these approvals, we will establish legal grounds justifying such transfer, such as EU Commission-approved model contractual clauses, or other legal grounds permitted by applicable legal requirements.

Please contact us as set out in Section 4.2 (Contacting Us) of this Privacy Policy if you would like to see a copy of the specific safeguards applied to the export of your Personal Information.

Your Additional Rights

If you have any questions in relation to our use of your Personal Information, you should first contact us as Section 4.2 (Contacting Us) of this Privacy Policy. Under EU DP Law, you may have the following additional rights in relation to your personal information to those set out in this Privacy Policy. Under certain conditions, you may have the right to require us to:

  • provide you with further details on the use we make of your information;
  • provide you with a copy of information that you have provided to us;
  • update any inaccuracies in the Personal Information we hold (please see Section 4.2 of this Privacy Policy);
  • delete any Personal Information the we no longer have a lawful ground to use;
  • where processing is based on consent, to withdraw your consent so that we stop that particular processing (please see Section 2.3 of this Privacy Policy in relation to marketing);
  • to ask us to transmit the Personal Information you have provided to us and we still hold about you to a third party electronically;
  • object to any processing based on the legitimate interests ground unless our reasons for undertaking that processing outweigh any prejudice to your data protection rights; and
  • restrict how we use your Personal Information whilst a complaint is being investigated.

Your exercise of these rights is subject to certain exemptions to safeguard the public interest (e.g. the prevention or detection of crime) and our interests (e.g. the maintenance of legal privilege).  If you exercise any of these rights, we will check your entitlement and respond in most cases within a month.

If you are not satisfied with our use of your Personal Information or our response to any exercise of these rights you have the right to lodge a complaint with a data protection regulator in your country of residence, place of work or where an incident took place.

Contacting Us

If you have queries about any part of this European Appendix, please contact us as set out in Section 4.2 (Contacting Us) of this Privacy Policy.

If after contacting us you do not feel that we have adequately addressed your concerns, you may contact the data protection regulator in your country (the EEA data protection regulators are listed here:

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