How we create value

Our approach to creating shareholder value and growing potentially game-changing technology companies is built on a 3-stage strategy of goalsetting, growth funding, and accelerating time-to-market to capitalise on industry trends and demands.


Our business strategists and technologists work with our ventures to develop and execute on the business and product strategy and development, run initial pilots with customers, and determine early product market fit.






When our companies have proven some market viability, our enterprise sales team works with them to build out a plan for customer acquisition and scaling, with sufficient funding to back the plans for commercial success.

Acceleration and
value multiplication

Leveraging the Magellan X solutions, our companies are able to bring promising technologies to market quickly, and gain access to a global network of customers, partners, and investors to accelerate growth and multiply market value.



Own industry-defining technologies, from their early growth stage

Invest in the future of Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) technologies with the Magellan X solutions, and reap the rewards of being a frontrunner in the energy, industrial and maritime sectors.