Why Magellan X

Magellan X is the world’s premier provider of disruptive technologies that meet the ESG needs for the energy, industrial and maritime sectors. Our focus is built upon our expertise, connections and research into these industries.

We recognise these traditional sectors are over a decade behind with their digitalisation initiatives, and the technologies available are typically not fit for purpose, with high implementation costs and time needed to meet the needs of industry.

Through Magellan X, our customers can adopt deep tech (AI, IIoT) solutions and realise their digital and ESG goals faster.

Capitalising on the technology adoption gap

Major industry players are conscious of the need to digitise, and have been for several years now – especially with the worldwide trend towards ESG initiatives. But off-the-shelf solutions developed for other industries, cannot be easily adopted by these sectors due to safety regulations, required certifications, cost constraints, and other factors.

Meanwhile, promising businesses with excellent ESG technologies and viable solutions find it challenging to penetrate these traditional industries due to their size and youth – as players in these industries tend towards risk aversion and demand to work with established organisations.

Magellan X: A growth and value accelerator

When these innovative businesses get on board Magellan X, they gain access to the same resources that established names have.

As a Magellan X group company, these game-changing technologies are introduced to a wide network of customers within our network. And as a reliable solution provider with multiple operating (and well-recognised) companies in the maritime industry, our customers can be confident that our industry-grade solutions meet their needs and that we will continue to support their requirements in the long- term.

Our industry certifications, credible customer references and deep pockets also remove any risks and concerns that potential customers have about the deployment, utilisation and advancement of their technology investments.

Customers know that we will accompany them on their digital transformation journey, whether they take a few steps – or a decade – to get there

The journey is just beginning, join us when it counts

Digitisation in the energy, industrial and maritime sectors is in its infancy stage. This is the period where the greatest changes can be made – and the highest growth will be seen.

Set sail with us, at this decisive moment in time – and share in the upward trajectory of Magellan X