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Why is there a rising need for digital transformation in EHS? 

EHS digital transformation is not only about procuring software with cloud technology or SaaS, but it is the automation of processes to increase efficiency, agility, and complete or gradual disconnection from manual and/or excel-based work methods.

95% of leaders believe that digital transformation is essential for a company’s success, many other factors have led to EHS digitalization.

Workers in heavy industries such as oil & gas, chemicals, mining, construction work at height or in confined spaces, risk an accident with vehicles and machines, or need to work with hazardous chemicals. Utilising technology advancements can help to improve workplace safety even in these potentially hazardous environments. Using IIoT, AI, sensors, workers’ wellbeing tracking wearables etc. are some of the most efficient ways of improving workplace safety from the highest of constructions and oil rigs to the deepest of mines and fulfill all needed rules and regulations.

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Our programme operates with a customer-first mindset to help Magellan X clients and prospects maximise the value of their investments and using our partners to add value to Magellan X solutions through IIoT/AI technology, data and wealth of expertise.  

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How can EHS solutions help your company expand its opportunities?

Environment, health and safety solutions (EHS) are an important part of any business. Many companies face the common challenges of creating a positive corporate culture, keeping up with industry regulations and ensuring their compliance and more. Despite this, why is it so difficult to obtain additional and necessary investment to improve occupational health and safety performance? Perhaps the answer lies in any investment must be measured by Return Of Investment.

The financial payoff of EHS investment is seen in the reduction or elimination of workplace incidents that ultimately incur wide-ranging direct and indirect expenses. According to ASSP’s comprehensive survey and report late 2019, analysing the ROI for EHS management programmes affirmed the statistics that companies save US$2-US$6 for every US$1 invested in tools to promote workplace health and safety. Eventually this can result in lower costs associated with workers’ compensation claims, insurance premiums, and lost productivity due to employee absences.

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