Our expertise lies in the industrials & maritime sectors,

and this is highlighted by our portfolio of successful companies that includes ecoMax (Chord X), SOL-X & Propeller (SCNX).


ecoMax & optiMax
(Chord X)

ecoMax & optiMax solutions (Chord X) offers a suite of data-driven, analytics and reporting solutions for enhancing GHG inventory accounting, improving operational efficiencies, and reducing fuel and emissions on any asset.

Our ecoMax solution measures and analyses the greenhouse gases of assets and simplifies emission reporting for regulatory compliance. Meanwhile, optiMax solution delivers algorithmic alerts on machines’ performance and actionable insights that empower immediate corrective actions – avoiding unplanned downtime and minimising energy consumption.

The results speak for themselves. At sea, vessels equipped with ecoMax & optiMax technologies on board experience a 5% reduction in CO2 and fuel consumption (per fleet), as well as a 20% reduction in unplanned repairs. And on shore, ecoMax & optiMax provide decision-makers with data and insights gathered across their entire fleet, making it easier to make critical decisions and optimise efficiency.