Our expertise lies in the industrials & maritime sectors,

and this is highlighted by our portfolio of successful companies that includes ecoMax (Chord X), SOL-X & Propeller (SCNX).

WORKER safety


SOL-X solution specialises in maritime and industrial safety solutions that keep crew members safe. The company’s solutions integrate with safety management systems to improve safety and compliance outcomes, enhance operational excellence, and raise crew wellbeing standards. 

SOL-X solution is a behaviour-based safety 4.0 system that enhances Control of Work, improves behavioural safety, and reduces unsafe behaviour – and does so by providing workers with enhanced visibility and on-site situational awareness. In addition to keeping workers safe, the enhanced workflow processes that the solution delivers also results in significant productivity gains.

For workers located in hazardous zones, the SOL-X SmartWatch places safety into their hands. The intelligent wearable monitors crew members’ fatigue levels, workloads and heat exposure – and makes it easy to call for assistance, when needed.