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How SOL-X helps to reduce work injury costs and time lost

Source: Data is from National Safety Council Injury Facts


Total Cost
of work injuries


per medically consulted injury


Result of total injuries in 2020 and injuries in previous years


Due to injuries in 2020
How SOL-X helps to reduce work injury costs and time lost

Source: Data is from National Safety Council Injury Facts


Total Cost
of work injuries


per medically consulted injury


Result of total injuries in 2020 and injuries in previous years


Due to injuries in 2020

SOL-X is compatible
with various industry sectors

Worksite Safety Management Systems ensure companies practise safe operations on worksites. Our safety solutions backed by digital frameworks safeguard every worksite and ensures that they comply with safety regulations established by relevant government authorities. See how we implement in each industry below.



Crew Protect

SmartWatch - Worker
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Fitness tracker
  • Heat stress monitor
  • Health & wellbeing indicators
  • Proactive work / rest management
Tablet - Worker
Situational Awareness
  • GeoFence & Broadcast alerts
  • Crew Assist
  • Fall Detection
  • Worker finder
  • Control of Work
  • Operations Monitoring

Control Of Work

Tablet - Integrated
Control Of Work Software
  • Automated workflows
  • Integrated interface – checklists, permits, risk assessment
  • Work On The Go / Mobile tablet interface
ptw system for workplace safety, pump room confined space entry, control work, isolation management
Tablet - Compliance
  • User, Time & Location stamp verification – ensures “RIGHT person, RIGHT time, RIGHT location”​


Predictive Analytics & AI
  • Leading indicators to prevent accidents
  • Integrated Workflows and Analytics
IN Depth view on Smartwatch

Connected Worker Health and Safety from an ATEX SmartWatch

An intrinsically safe SmartWatch for industrial workers with innovative features that enable situational awareness, connected wellness and near real-time visibility. It ensures operational compliance without manual observations and human interventions. 

Key Benefits

4 Key Benefits of SOL-X Intrinsically Safe Watch

explosion proof SmartWatch enables higher employee protection with Crew Assist


When workers need assistance, they can access a Crew Assist function that helps to contact their supervisor and immediately provide location and task details, speeding up rescue times.


The SOL-X SmartWatch measures ambient temperature and humidity of the individual’s surrounding area and assesses potential heat stress related risks.


With the SmartWatch, workers are empowered to take ownership of their broader health and activity levels. Resting Heart Rate (RHR) and Active Heart Rate are actively monitored and displayed for the workers on their watch. There is also an activity tracker feature to track daily steps goal.


By managing working hours and workloads more effectively, the risk of fatigue amongst workers declines. This feature allows workers to conveniently record and track their Work Rest hours via their SmartWatch.

SOL-X SMartwatch features

Equip with all the features you need!

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Service and Support

We provide a tailored solution after thorough analysis and pre-audit of worksite. The connected safety solution is deployed and monitored by team of experts to ensure that objectives are met. 


is deployed

configuration and implementation of device safety processes
Solution Configuration and Implementation

Conduct a one-time system set up services and configuration for the solution and wearables, and onsite installation of Wi-Fi network if required.

install safety management system
Hardware Installation

There will be commissioning onsite. Hardware such as Intrinsically Safe tablets, operational dashboards and SOL-X SmartWatches will be installed at worksite.

teach safety culture, safety management processes, and safety practices

Onsite training and supervision will be provided. Our engineers will facilitate the deployment of the solution to ensure operation continuity during this period.

assess safety solution for risk management
Solution Assessment

We review and assess the outcome of our solution before it is rolled out at scale.

Hear from our users


2nd Officer

With SOL-X, you save a lot of time. When approving a Permit To Work, it avoids the need to run up and down, here and there, to look for the Master for review and sign off

Marine Superintendent

Crew can press the Crew Assist button if they have any difficulty....if somebody has any injury, or some sort of other difficulty, they can always ask for assistance. So that is how he helps himself.

3rd Officer

SOL-X really helps me in maintaining a very good watch of the safety of the crew working on deck. I can actually see them, their whereabouts on deck or where they are on the vessel.


The SmartWatch helps to enhance situational awareness and provide critical notifications to me or to our crew. This will allow us to manage the risk and improve barrier management. The solid indicated capture can be used for operational compliance and continued risk assessment. I will be notified when crew face difficulty and feeling unwell from the Crew Assist function on their SmartWatch. The alert will also appear on my dashboard - I can see the crew movements and front-line operations. Crew can get assistance immediately especially in non-working situations. This is an efficient response to communication and it is easy for me to do risk re-assessment and for the critical tasks.

Ordinary Seaman

I can monitor my wellbeing in terms of health and activity levels with the SmartWatch. It measures and displays my resting heart and active heart rate in green light. Also, it shows notifications and advises me to hydrate; and if I am feeling unwell, the watch will alert - seeking proper medical assistance. There are also activities like tracking my work step and reaching the step goal. The SmartWatch encourages me to stay active and shows major reporting to reduce the risk of incident.


The SOL-X SmartWatch gives us earlier notifications that we are in restricted work zones in near real time. Then GeoFence can also show task activity - what I'm doing and my current location; live location that it is showing. ​ My superior can locate me - GeoFence gives my exact location. This GeoFence notification increases my situational awareness vessel wide where I'm working, and it reduces incidents which may happen or can occur so this can help in a lot of ways.

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