Bringing The Right Cloud Technology Into Maritime Inventory Management

It has been an exciting journey with SCNX. From the beginning it has been our mission to build a solution to support the shipping industry’s goals of operating lean, and mitigating risk. I have been working in technology for many years, with a specialisation in IoT, and the maritime industry has provided me with an […]

Turning Global Supply Chain Challenges Into Smart Ship Solutions

Originally published on BCG Digital Ventures Medium Blog With companies and governments increasingly pricing operational excellence, climate mitigation, and inventory resilience into their supply chain strategies, BCGDV and maritime services leader MISC Group are poised to revolutionize the international shipping industry with deep tech. After falling dramatically in Q2 2020 during the global pandemic, global […]

Inventory Management : Addressing A Complex Problem With A Simple Solution

The complex problem Inventory management is one of the most manual and operational workflows in the shipping industry. Lack of complete solution, time consuming processes and absence of standard operating procedures lead to inaccurate storage and consumption data. Insufficient or unavailable spare parts can lead to vessel downtimes that could cost the shipping company millions […]

Competitive Edge: How Maritime Digital Twins Are Shaping The Future

Digital transformation technology is advancing at an exponential rate. The convergence and maturing of Internet-of-Things (IoT) sensors, data analytics, and satellite communication (SATCOM) networks are making evolutionary leaps in the marine sector. Shipping owners and operators must deploy rapidly evolving methods to stay relevant and competitive. One such method is through the use of digital […]